We are specialists in roller replacement and repairs for all makes of Sliding doors, Shower screens, Windows and Wardrobes both Domestic and Commercial.


Did you know 99% of sliding doors, windows and shower screens can be repaired to function and seal as good as new?


Why replace when you can Repair?


On average repairing your door will cost around 10% of replacement cost and only take a couple of hours of your time .


We pride ourselves on providing courteous quality service to the last detail with our trades men equipped with drop sheets to protect your floors and a vacuum to clean up when they’ve finished the job.


We guarantee all parts/materials used in repairs for 12 months and when stainless steel capping track and new rollers are installed we give a three year warranty on rollers.




Glass replacement Roller replacement
Track repairs/capping and replacement Window and door locks fitted or replaced
Door and window seals replaced Timber sash replacement
Pet door installation Pet proof mesh for fly screen doors
Bi-fold door repairs Stacker door repairs

Sliding Door Service

We remove the door, replace worn rollers, Inspect and replace any perished weather seals. Inspect repair and clean track. Re install door and adjust to suit. We will also inspect all your other doors and windows and advise you of any repairs or maintenance required at no extra charge.


Sliding Door Capping Track Service:

Many people unknowingly continue to use a door with worn or damaged rollers which often results in damage to the track, if left unchecked this damage will cause premature wear to any new rollers installed. In most cases this damage can be repaired onsite by our tradesmen however in more severe cases we recommend the installation of a stainless steel capping track which fits snugly over the damaged track to provide a smooth surface for the door to roll on ensuring a long reliable service life from your new rollers.


Sash cord replacement:

Many older double hung timber windows have a sash cord balancing system. Where the sashes (the moving panels of the window) are attached to counterweights via cotton sash cords. These cords require replacement periodically and can be quite a difficult and time consuming thing to replace. Firstly the timber trims and sashes must be removed from the window frame to allow access to the counterweight compartments. The old ropes are removed and the compartment is vacuum cleaned thoroughly to remove any built up dust and debris. The new cotton sash rope is then fed through the pulleys and attached to the counterweights. Next the sashes are re installed and whilst the sashes are being re installed the sash ropes are cut to the correct length and attached to the sash frames at the correct point. Timber trims are re installed and the window is checked for unimpeded movement and locking.


Spiral Balance Replacement:

Some double hung timber windows and many double hung aluminium windows have an alternative balancing system known as Spiral Balances.

Spiral balances are easily recognised by the presence of vertical cylindrical tubes on either side of the window frame. These tubes contain a simple adjustable mechanism that enables the balancing of sash windows. This mechanism has a life expectancy of 7 - 15 years depending on the amount of use and climatic conditions where installed and will periodically need replacement. Our spiral balance replacement service will require 2 visits to your home.

First step is to accurately measure each window as each different sized window will require different sized and load rated spirals to meet the window manufacturers original specifications. There are over 30 different sized and load rated spirals available. Fitting the correct parts is paramount. (DANGER Don't be fooled by a low price. An incorrectly repaired aluminium sash window can fall without warning)

Second step, with the correct parts on hand we remove the worn spirals and install and adjust the new spirals to suit each window individually. We check the window for unimpeded movement and check locking. (Included in the price of this service is one follow up visit within the first twelve months of replacement if required, to readjust any loose spirals once they have bedded in.)


Shower Screen Service:

There are many different types of shower screen on the market today. Framed, Semi Frameless, Frameless, Sliding, Pivoting and Hinged and although they are all very different in appearance and operation they have one very important thing in common, they all utilise some moving parts.

These moving parts will eventually wear out and render the shower screen either difficult to operate or inoperable. All Sliding Rollers has the solution. We provide a Shower Screen Repair Service where a tradesman will inspect your shower screen, diagnose the fault and advise the cost of replacing the failed components (rollers, pivot blocks, guides or hinges) Once these failed components are replaced and properly adjusted your shower screen will once again function like the day it was installed, and give you many more years of reliable service at a fraction of the cost of replacement and without the disruption.

At All Sliding Rollers we are also able to re seal leaking shower screens. Remove and replace shower screens for plumbing emergencies, waterproofing or retiling.